Kurono Classic 'Reiwa'
Copper & Silver - 50pcs per variant
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As the first Hajime design to be introduced in the new reign of Emperor Naruhito, the new Kurono Classic is nicknamed 'Reiwa'. Its complex two-part dial provides a glint of metallic sophistication at the periphery - off-set by the serenity of a perfect solid-colored center. The watch is paired with a genuine crocodile strap, and is aimed at more discerning collectors. 

The 'Reiwa' sits apart from the regular monochromatic dials of the previous watches. Hajime Asaoka wanted the design to exude sophistry, and allow the design to capture a little more attention in the light. The design takes advantage of the unique boxiness of the sapphire glass - leveraging the almost 90-degree angle to allow for slight illumination and magnification of the dial's metallic periphery. 


Kurono Bunkyō Tokyo
Eggshell, Blue, & Grey - 50 pcs per variant
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The first series under the Kurono Tokyo, these three variants launched Hajime Asaoka's vision of giving watch collectors outside Japan a more accessible timepiece that shares the design DNA of Hajime's exclusive handmade atelier watches, but at a more affordable price.

A special dial variant in Eggshell White – limited to 50 pieces – is wholly reserved for Sincere Fine Watches customers in the region.


"Personally, I wanted a good, reliable and reasonably priced watch I can use as a daily wearer. 25 years ago, one could get such a watch at ¥200,000 - but it is very hard these days, and even less so from an independent watchmaker. As an independent watchmaker that produces very high-end watches by hand, my production numbers are very small. Additionally, the cost involved in making my atelier watches are high. Thus, it has always been my worry that there will be a segment of customers that want a Hajime Asaoka watch, but will not be able to get one easily if at all. I wanted to create something that was more easily accessible, and faster to deliver.”




About the Designer
浅岡 肇(あさおか・はじめ)