Kurono x Hiroshige

若竹色: Wakatake-iro HIROSHIGE STRAP (Bamboo)



Hiroshige-script and Hand Patina
All Hiroshige Straps are engraved with legendary ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige’s original handwritten poem from an original artwork ca. 1840. The poem is loosely translated as: 'The moon indulges into the night in various ways.Because the Hiroshige script is derived from an original artwork owned by Kurono, it is unique to Kurono and cannot be replicated elsewhere. The strap’s olive green underside is lasered with the official Kurono Tokyo logo.

Each leather strap is further hand-dyed using the anticatura patina technique, bringing an additional level of character and refinement to Hiroshige Straps. The patina is applied to highlight the Hiroshige script against the straps true color in the middle, before slightly darkening at the edges. Even the smallest elements like the strap guides are patinaed. No two leather patina products will ever look the same, and they will over time take on their own character and personality by building on the original patina as it ages.

Hand-made & Hand-Cut
Each strap is hand-cut, and from hand-penciled stencils. Patina is then rubbed onto the leather by hand. The only machine elements used are using laser engravers for the Hiroshige script and signing our logo. In homage to Hajime-sensei’s lineage from a family of samurai sword makers on his patrilineal side, the long end of the strap is hand-cut obliquely to mimic the edge of a wakizashi katana. 

The anticatura patina technique implemented on the wakatane-iro strap is akin to that of growing bamboo, where the unique patina created reveals an aged effect similar to how the shades of bamboo transition from yellow to dark green as it grows and ages with time. Building upon our previous edition of the Hiroshige Strap, the production technique for bamboo green involved the application of secondary layers following the primary dyes incorporated in karashi-iro. 

As Kurono promises to only use the most complicated finishing, these additional steps taken were substantially extensive but fundamentally necessary in building up the desired patina and greater depth of color - The newest edition of Kurono's signature Hiroshige Strap line proves to be our finest one yet.

Product Specifications 

  • Lengths: Standard: 115mm/75mm  |  Small: 105mm/70mm
  • Lug/Buckle widths: 20mm / 16mm
  • Upperside color: Wakatake-iro (Bamboo)
  • Underside color: Olive green
  • Hand-dyed Patina
  • Engraved Hiroshige script (original poem)
  • Lasered Kurono Tokyo logo on underside
  • Quick-release springbars at lugs end
  • Handmade
  • Limited production and will not be repeated
*This order is for the wakatake-iro strap only, and does not include a watch or a buckle
**Customers can purchase up to 5 pcs per order

PRICE: JPY 14,800 税抜 (US$135)
Deliveries start from 1st July 2021

(Price excludes shipping and any applicable taxes in your country)

[DHL/FEDEX rates for certain countries are higher than normal for small packages. These rates are out of control and we do not benefit from those charges. We will be providing an option for Registered Air Mail for such jurisdictions, but please be aware of the possibilities of inherent delays/lost packages depending on the reliability of the affected country's postal service.] 

Conditions of Sale:
Kurono has a strict no refund policy. Please ensure that you are certain in your purchasing decision before commencing to pay this order. Finalizing and paying for your order will mean that you understand and accept that you forfeit the right to cancellations and refunds. As this is a limited edition item that is in high demand, this policy allows us to prevent hoarding/fraud and ensures that the product reaches the wrists of real buyers and fans. Any deposits previously paid will be forfeited, and donated to the chosen charity for the season in your name. 

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