The Kurono Calendrier 'Type 1' is a watch designed by renowned Japanese watchmaker Hajime Asaoka, who was inspired by a casual conversation over drinks with a watch collector: "If you had to live on an isolated island, what would you take with you?" His book-loving friend said a novel by Haruki Murakami. Mr. Asaoka answered: "A watch," and he began to think about the functions that such a watch would need.

"Time is the most basic determinant for modern life, and the full calendar is the embodiment of this importance. I believe that wearing a watch in our daily lives will bring us closer to the idea of valuing time."

Price: JPY 243,000 
Price excludes shipping and any taxes in your country

Deliveries start from mid-September 2022 through end October 2022.

The Japan Domestic sales are only available for residents of Japan. Please enter your residential address in Japan.


Continuing with your transaction means that you unequivocally accept the following terms and conditions of purchase:
You understand that this is a preorder, and that you are purchasing the right of allocation. Preorders cannot be cancelled or refunded at any point of time. Please ensure that you are sure about your decision before proceeding with this transaction.  

Kurono has a strict No Refund policy.
Please ensure that you are certain in your purchasing decision before commencing to pay for your order. Finalizing and paying for your order will mean that you unequivocally understand and accept that you forfeit the right to cancellations and refunds for any reason whatsoever, even in the pre-order stage. As this is a limited edition item that is in high demand, this policy allows us to prevent hoarding/fraud and ensures that the product reaches the wrists of real buyers and fans. Any cancellations will be subject to a restocking fee of 19.23% of the watch’s MSRP to cater to card transaction and platform costs. The extra will be donated to our selected children’s charity of the season. 

Multiple purchases
To combat the existing reseller problem, we have a stringent one-watch per customer policy. In the case of duplicate purchases, our system will detect this and both orders will be canceled.

Loss of package/Custom delays
We will only use insured DHL International Economy/ FedEx International Priority from the point of origin. Please refer to DHL/FedEx's terms of service in your respective country should you require more information on shipping terms, conditions, and requirements. Any insurance claims shall be between the buyer and DHL/FedEx as their ex-parte.

You understand that any loss of packages or customs delays shall not be within the purview of Kurono, and any claims and correspondence shall be with DHL/FedEx, or with your country’s customs authority. While Kurono shall provide assistance with regards to paperwork on a best effort basis, you understand that Kurono shall not be held liable for any matter with this regard.

VAT/GST/Excise Taxes
Please note that you have not been charged domestic VAT or related taxes at the point of order, DHL, FedEx, or the local delivery courier that they use may require you to pay the necessary VAT/GST/excise taxes applicable to your country of receipt before releasing the shipment. These taxes are unique to your country of domicile, and we shall not be held responsible for the payment of such taxes, except for local domestic taxes.

Additional Measures to stem Speculation and Unauthorized Resale

Warranty for Limited Items

  • Warranty or service claims within the first six months of receiving Calendrier 'Type I' by anyone other than the original buyer on record will be rejected.
  • Warranty for any Calendrier 'Type I' discovered on the resale market within the first six months will be voided.

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