KURONO by Hajime Asaoka

KURONO Tamenuri Urushi Single-Watch Box (Pre-Order)



Kurono is proud to introduce a limited run of collector watch boxes featuring the prized kuro-tamenuri urushi technique, and hand-made in Japan - the same highly-prized technique reserved especially for objects of high status including katana scabbards and the armor of Shogun warlords. The watch box is in high-polish black with red patina on the edges that will slowly reveal more patina as it ages and is used.

Tamenuri urushi is highly prized in the high-end fountain pen collector community, and is widely featured in brands like Namiki and Nakaya. However, the price-points of those products limit tamenuri appreciation to a few. Similarly, handmade Japanese tamenuri lacquerware can command stratospheric prices - especially those attributed to a master 'national treasure' artists. 

Made of wood with kuro-tamenuri urushi technique hand applied, the Kurono Tamenuri Box is a single watch box with a felt interior, hand-signed on the lid in gold with the maker's mark and the 'kurono' logo.

The Kurono Tamenuri Urushi Box is handmade in Japan by artisans in the Ishikawa Prefecture.

The word Urushi derives from the word "tearful" or "fine delicacy", and the Japanese character for Urushi includes the characters "water", "person" and "tree". Not only does Urushi represent the beauty of the lush and watery surface, but also a familiar part of people's daily lives that involve water and trees.

Handmade Requires Patience
Urushi requires patience and determination to yield a beautiful piece of lacquerware. However, unlike mass-produced machine-made products - because the box is handmade, you will find minute imperfections especially as the urushi is hand applied. It will not be perfect although as much care and patience as possible is taken.

It also takes quite a bit of time to make each box, with an average of 4 months. The inherent and unique nature of urushi is that the longer it is left to cure, the harder and more beautiful it is. Cheaper, mass produced lacquerware have very short curing time of days, leaving the workshop the moment it is dry. This makes the urushi surface soft, immature, and dull. But curing it for too long will result in exorbitant prices running into the thousands as you typically see with fine Japanese lacquerware. We find that a curing time of 3-3.5 months is the sweet spot that balances price without compromising on quality.

Product Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 265mm x 80mm x 35mm
  • Single watch box made of wood with felt interior
  • Two-part box (lid & base)
  • Red akane-urushi base, with suki-urushi layers applied over it
  • Signed by hand - maker's mark and kurono logo - in gold on lid
  • Handmade in Kanazawa
  • Limited to 80 pieces

    (*this product is for the single-watch box only, and does not include a watch)

    Price: USD $187 / SGD $265

    DELIVERY: Starts from July 2020

    (Price excludes shipping and any applicable taxes in your country)


    Conditions of this pre-order:
    Kurono has a strict no refund policy. Please ensure that you are certain in your purchasing decision before commencing to pay this preorder deposit. Finalizing and paying for your order will mean that you understand and accept that you forfeit the right to cancellations and refunds. As this is a limited edition item that is in high demand, this policy allows us to prevent hoarding/fraud and ensures that the product reaches the wrists of real buyers and fans. Any deposits previously paid will be forfeited, and donated to the chosen charity for the season in your name. 

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