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SEIJI : 青磁

The new Kurono 青磁:Seiji is a limited 500-piece release in a celadon-like blue-green lacquer dial finish in Kurono’s iconic 37mm case. Positioned for female collectors, Kurono 青磁:Seiji is a conscious effort to increase the diversity of Kurono collectors.

The Design

The new Kurono 青磁:Seiji represents only the second time we are launching a solid lacquer dial watch. 青磁:Seiji is finished in a celadon-like bluish green finish - a color that wasn't just chosen from color swatches, but literally mixed by hand by master watchmaker Hajime Asaoka-sensei himself in his atelier in late 2020. Specifically paired with a white calf leather strap, 青磁:Seiji takes a fresher, more youthful and slightly edgier outlook than any of our previous offerings.

Specifications & Availability