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In celebration of our new salon in Aoyama, Kurono is proud to introduce the very limited Kurono Grand Urushi Aoyama - three exceptional urushi executions limited to 188 pieces each (including those sold as a set. It takes the very best of what we have done in terms of finishing - hand-made urushi dials - and displays without any embellishments the purity and beauty of an urushi-based design by Hajime Asaoka.

The Grand Urushi Aoyama will be available as a set of three in a special Japanese paulownia wood presentation box, or individually in regular packaging. 88 sets of three will first be available in Dec 2022 with individual watches available from Feb 2023. Either set or individual can be ordered at the salon now.

The Grand Urushi Aoyama can only be ordered and picked up at the Kurono salon in Aoyama, Tokyo. All bookings require full payment and are strictly non-refundable. The watches are now exhibited in the salon.

Stock Updates:
- Green Urushi: Sold Out
- Red Urushi: Sold Out
- Brown Urushi: Sold Out
- Set of 3: Sold Out


Urushi lacquer is made from the filtered sap of the Japanese rhus vernicifera tree. It is seen as a miraculous substance that cures naturally into a material with remarkable properties. The lacquer absorbs moisture from the air as it hardens, making the lacquered surface perpetually shiny and slick. Over time, urushi will become harder and more scratch-resistant as the curing process continues even after the initial manufacture. Suki-Urushi (or clear lacquer) seals the specific patterns on each dial. Sunlight - specifically UV light - will, over time, lighten and make it more translucent and warmer or cooler.

Urushi has been used as a lacquer in Japan for thousands of years. The sap from the lacquer tree is refined and colored with pigments and other ingredients to produce a final work characterized by its beautiful finish and durability. Lacquer trees are 10 to 20 years old when their sap can finally be harvested. After the sap is collected, the trees die, and new trees are planted by hand. Only about 200 grams of sap can be extracted from each tree, making it extremely valuable and increasingly rare.

The subtle, distinctive trait of the urushi is that when exposed to natural and UV light, it will turn brighter over time due to moisture loss which usually takes years. For our Kurono customers, depending on the country you are situated in, the urushi dial will change color, creating a unique piece for each of you.

Urushi dials have perhaps the highest rejection rate amongst all Kurono watches, if not across the industry. The surface has to be pristine, like the surface of a calm lake in autumn. Additionally, urushi dials require up to 2 months to dry and prep. Throughout the lengthy process, whether a mistake made during hand painting or even a single retained speck of dust - it would amplify imperfections during the drying process and hence has to be thrown out.


A special presentation box in Japanese paulownia wood will be prepared for customers that purchase a set of three Grand Urushi Aoyama. Embellished directly on the wooden cover is the word 'Time' in Japanese, with the font personally designed by Hajime Asaoka.


Kurono watches with the 'Grand' designation feature an elevated level of artisanal craftsmanship, and is differentiated not only by its innate beauty, but also with a signature caseback exclusive to 'Grand' watches. The focal point of this exclusive caseback is Hajime-sensei’s signature embellished in bold kanji calligraphy alongside the impression of his one-of a-kind hanko stamp.

How To Purchase

1. Grand Urushi Aoyama can ONLY be purchased and collected physically from the Kurono Tokyo Aoyama salon. There is no online ordering.

2. Customers must have a valid account. You can sign up for one at the Aoyama salon

3. You can only purchase either one Set of 3, or one individual watch

4. Full payment must be made during your order, this is strictly non-refundable

5. Domestic VAT applies.

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