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The new Kurono Chronograph 3 - nicknamed HISUI:翡翠 - takes a fresh and distinctive art-deco design approach from master watchmaker Hajime Asaoka that sets it apart from its predecessors: highly recognizable on the wrist from afar, but when up-close exudes a certain vibrant nobility.

HISUI:翡翠 takes inspiration from a piece of natural jadeite sensei collected along the coast of Itoigawa years back. The white-green Itoigawa jade (or 'hisui') is unique to Japan, and constitutes all jade used in Japan since the Jomon period 7,000 years ago. Because jade mining is banned domestically, Itoigawa jade can only be picked up as loose stones that have been washed down by streams from the mountains, to the pebble beaches of the Jade Coast.

Preorders start 21 November 11am & 11pm JST


Chronograph 3 HISUI:翡翠 is highlighted by a jade-green band around the primary indices. Pointillism technique was applied for the jade-green radial to deliver an expression of the stone texture of jadeite. It is then imbued with micro-metallic particles to mimic the mineral inclusions in raw jade. A final coat of clear glossy lacquer is then applied to seal, resulting in a very pleasant sheen and vibrancy. HISUI:翡翠 introduces a multi-layered dye process that juxtaposes colored textured finishes against a white polished lacquer base, a first in any Kurono timepiece.

The subdials at '3' and '9' are guilloche-engraved radially and finished in light turquoise. Together with the slightly off-white lacquer dial, these three textures and colors come together beautifully to portray the Itoigawa jade.

Chronograph 3 leverages the thinner Mk.2 case construction making it wear significantly slimmer than its predecessors. Extreme light-play is accentuated, taking on rich green to light seafoam tones according to the angle of light magnified through the box-sapphire glass.

HISUI:翡翠 is a limited production watch and will not be repeated.

USD 3,460 excl VAT
50% preorder payment on booking
50% balance payment prior to fulfillment
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Tuesday, 21st November 2023
Preorder Window 1: 1100hrs JST (+9 GMT)
Preorder Window 2: 2300hrs JST (+9 GMT)


Expected deliveries by Christmas 2023 thru January 2024

Vibrant Nobility

HISUI:翡翠 introduces a new multi-layering painting process for the jade-green radial on the dial - a first in any Kurono timepiece. The multiple layers give it a slightly raised visual effect against the purity of the off-white lacquer dial, mimicking the taka maki-e (高蒔絵) technique. 

Pointillism technique was applied for the jade-green radial to deliver an expression of the stone texture of jadeite. Additionally, the micro-metallic particles introduced are inspired by the mineral inclusions found in raw jade. A final coat of clear glossy lacquer is then applied to seal, resulting in a pleasant and luxurious sheen.

Mk.2 Case

HISUI:翡翠 leverages the new Mk.2 chronograph case which resolved significant engineering challenges that Hajime Asaoka faced in the construction of previous chronographs - he leveraged the Seiko NE86 that was by itself a thick movement at 7.65mm.

Hajime Asaoka overcame the limitations by incorporating a design technique from the 1930s - to make the thickness of the movement imperceptible on the exterior. The Mk.2 is now a three-part case that has a much thinner visual profile, but is also built more robustly and allows for better repairability. It can perhaps be considered the thinnest NE86 chronograph case today.


The combination of high-polish leaf hands and modern hour and minute hands is iconic to Kurono. The tips of the minute and chronograph seconds hands are bent by hand to match the curves of the dial and glass. The guilloche subdial at '9' is set with a unique subhand in the shape of a traditional Japanese 'kyudo' arrow. 

The different shapes of all hands is a device used in the high-end chronographs of the 1950s and 1960s, which Mr. Asaoka is fond of. (Anecdotally, the hands were initially bent by hand over the roof of a die-cast toy car to get a consistently perfect angle. Kurono hands are still bent by hand today.)


While most modern ébauche movements including the NE86 are designed to have flat dials, Kurono dials are cylinder-shaped with an accentuated curvature. To create a three-dimensional effect, the main dial and the subdials are manufactured separately and then fitted together, with the subdials' steel surround ring being diamond-cut. A high-polish arabic '12' applique at the top is flanked by our iconic polished steel studs as hour markers and a polished steel surround for the date window.


Hajime Asaoka chose the mechanical chronograph caliber NE86 from one of Japan's most esteemed movement manufacturers. Positioned by SII as its newest flagship chronograph movement and successor to the 6S - it is a premium caliber. The 311-part movement combines traditional chronograph features like a column wheel, vertical clutch, and a magic lever winding system. It has a unique three-pointed hammer system that starts, stops, and resets all three wheels simultaneously.

This allows for all the counters to advance continuously rather than only at one-minute intervals. Additionally, instead of driving the minute and hour counters from the chronograph seconds wheel, each is driven by a powered wheel with its own clutch. This delivers increased accuracy and longer-term durability. The movement also has a power reserve of 45 hours. The NE86 is a movement that even Mr. Asaoka, who makes his own movements, trusts.

Worldwide Ordering Window

USD 3,460 excl VAT
50% preorder payment on booking
50% balance payment prior to fulfillment

HISUI:翡翠 is a limited production watch and will not be repeated
Worldwide Shipping is Free ¹
Expected deliveries by Christmas 2023 thru January 2024



It will be available for purchase online on Tuesday, 21 Nov 2023, and there will be 2 order windows.

Order Window 1: 11.00AM JST, Tuesday, 21 November
(GMT) London: Tuesday, 21 November, 2:00am
(EST) New York: Monday, 20 November, 9:00pm
(GST) Dubai: Tuesday, 21 November, 6:00am
(AEST) Sydney: Tuesday, 21 November, 12:00pm
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Order Window 2: 11.00PM JST, Tuesday, 21 November
(GMT) London: Tuesday, 21 November, 2:00pm
(EST) New York: Tuesday, 21 November, 9:00am
(GST) Dubai: Tuesday, 21 November, 6:00pm
(AEST) Sydney: Wednesday, 22 November, 12:00am
(PDT) California: Tuesday, 21 November, 6:00am

Multiple purchases across windows is strictly not allowed. Each registered customer shall only be able to purchase one piece.
¹Free shipping exclude Zone 8 regions (S. America excl Mexico, Caribbean, Africa, Iceland, San Marino, Armenia, Georgia, & Lebanon)

"About three years ago, I visited Noto Peninsula In Ishikawa Prefecture to study about urushi application techniques. On the way back home I decided to stop by a city in the neighboring Toyama prefecture. There’s a beach there where you can pick up jadeite so I just thought it might be good if I could pick one up while enjoying a walk on the beach.

It was not a sandy beach, instead it was filled up with countless pebbles. Whether they are jade or regular stones, they were wet with waves hitting and shining beautifully. After strolling a while on the beach, I spotted a fish washed up on the shore. He was a small sunfish of about 30cm. He was still alive and I could not take my eyes off from the rare fish that is not easy to see even in aquariums. Then I realized there was a small stone sitting on his fin. It was a small jade pebble. I carefully picked it up and soon after, a big wave took him back to the sea.

After a while, the sea water on the jade dried and it became an even softer color. Holding up the stone, I could see through the sunlight. Generally jewels are polished and shine beautifully, but I think there is also a simple beauty in these “rough gemstones”. On the train back to Tokyo gazing at the jade, I wondered how I could use this genuine soft hue on a dial.

On the new Chronograph 3 HISUI:翡翠, I have attempted to reproduce the raw stone color of hisui. As always, it started with mixing lacquers myself and making various color samples. However, I learned that I could not achieve the color with a single hue. Therefore, this time, I pursued the color of the stone by layering multiple colors. The dial color is the color of the jade that was delivered to me by the sunfish that day."

~Hajime Asaoka

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