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Grand Series

2024 Anniversary Reiwa



Kurono Tokyo presents the 2024 Anniversary Reiwa, a Grand Series masterpiece. Inspired by the beauty of ‘Ruri-Numa’ (瑠璃沼), it blends a lapis-green metallic periphery with a deep black mirrored center across a single cylindrical dial.

Because of manufacturing complexity, Reiwa was introduced only one other time 5 years ago in 2019. It is now being brought back for one-time-only for our 5th anniversary.

Considered the epitome of Hajime Asaoka's art-deco design sensibilities, Reiwa is accorded masterpiece recognition as a Grand Series watch, and has received global acclaim for the beauty of its complex two-part dial. It sits together with Hajime Asaoka’s handmade atelier pieces to have hit record-breaking auction results and is today one of our most sought-after timepieces.

Reiwa's simple beauty belies an ultra complex dialmaking process that has significantly low yield rates even back in 2019. This year's Anniversary Reiwa is multiple factors harder to make due to its higher color contrast. Since manufacturing started in January 2024, only an average of 5 out of every 100 dials produced have been accepted.

The 2024 Anniversary Reiwa is by far the most difficult to manufacture watch in our repertoire, and the Reiwa line will be permanently retired after this launch. All valid orders placed within the fixed time window will be honored.

US$1,790 excl VAT

11:00PM JST, Thursday 16 May


  • Orders are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled
  • Stricter anti-reseller policies will apply*
  • Expected deliveries from end-June through end-October 2024.**
  • Kurono ships worldwide to most major destinations.

**(Depending on demand, some orders may only be fulfilled thru end-2024. Please see delivery guidance on checkout)

‘Goshiki-Numa’ (五色沼) houses numerous lakes and ponds formed through volcanic activity and rich natural minerals. Depending on factors such as weather and types of volcanic materials in the water, the landscapes can vary at different times throughout the year. With the lakes being famous for its spectrum of colors, it earned itself the Michelin Green Guide in 2016 - a series of travel guides that showcase the best of each region.

Although each lake was formed through similar components, the beauty of ‘Ruri-Numa’ (瑠璃沼) in particular inspired Hajime Asaoka. Sensei wanted to capture that moment in time onto a dial thus, designing the 2024 Anniversary Reiwa.

“The inherent color of the water and its interaction with volcanic materials in the lake cast a rare and unparalleled pigment I had never seen before. During my visit at dusk, the shadows of the tree trunks on the far bank formed a breathtaking contrast to the reflections of the lake’s natural green hues.”

~ Hajime Asaoka

The 2024 Anniversary Reiwa's unique dial is a two-part process over a single cylindrical dial plate with steep curvatures at the perimeter. Hajime Asaoka was determined to achieve for the first time two highly contrasting colors - metallic lapis-green at the periphery and a deep black mirror at the center. In the past - which already saw manufacturing challenges - the colors in the middle and at the periphery were close. This time round, achieving the specific contrast of colors sensei desired was a massive challenge in volume dialmaking.

Signed Caseback

An intricate caseback design carved with sensei's signature and seal gives recognition to the Reiwa as a masterpiece in our Grand Series of watches

High-Polish Case

Synonymous with Japanese haute horlogerie, every aspect of the slim (7mm) watch case (excl sapphire) is polished to the highest degree, and together with the box sapphire crystal delivers unparalleled lightplay.

Hand-bent Hands

Each watch hand is meticulously mirror polished and then bent by hand to match the unique curvature of the cylindrical dial

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A Legacy of Timekeeping Excellence

A member of the AHCI since 2015 and a certified 'Gendai No Meiko' Master, Hajime Asaoka solidified his position as a global horological icon. He isn't just creating exquisite timepieces; he's shaping the future of watchmaking. Owning a Hajime Asaoka creation is more than acquiring a luxury watch; it's possessing a piece of art, a testament to the dedication and innovation of a true master. As Hajime Asaoka continues to captivate the world with his creations, one thing remains certain: his legacy as a pioneer in watchmaking and obsession with detail is firmly cemented.