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The 2024 Kurono 34mm 'Calligra' Special Project

"For this new 34mm series, I have adopted Breguet hour markers. Generally, it is very difficult to place and balance Arabic numerals in a circular pattern as indices, because they were originally meant to be placed in a straight horizontal line. But Breguet indices seem to have been designed from the beginning to be placed in a circular pattern on the dial of a watch."

"During my art school years, I was trained in lettering. Thus for the first time in a long while, I personally designed a typeface with hand-drawn lettering for the Breguet indices from 1 to 12."

Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between before and after photos.

"The fact that the original drawing is hand-drawn is extremely important in the design of Breguet indices. This is because the original Breguet markers were all hand-drawn and the design is based on the strokes of a human hand."

"I started with the calligraphy of small numbers using a pen, in the same manner as it was done 200 years ago. Afterwards, I selected the ones with the most beautiful balance, enlarged them, and used them as the original templates for the dial indices."

Priced at US$1,170 excluding VAT, public global ordering start Friday February 23rd at 11pm JST.


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