Kurono's artisan-level timepieces, the 'Grand' series, is by far Kurono's most demanding and complex collection in terms of traditional craftsmanship.


Chronograph Series

An art-deco inspired aesthetic that wears like a vintage watch, Kurono's Chronograph line features a multi-layered dial coming together in a symphony of experential design.


Bunkyo Tokyo Classic Series

The classic range launched Hajime Asaoka's vision of giving watch collectors a more accessible timepiece that shares the design DNA of his exclusive handmade atelier watches.


Hajime Asaoka

Widely recognized as one of the world's top-ranked independent watchmakers, Hajime Asaoka-sensei started his watchmaking journey in 1997, throwing in his unique perspective of refinement and modernity and establishing a watchmaking philosophy that is distinctively Japanese.