KURONO Anniversary


Kurono Tokyo is proud to present the Anniversary 朱鷺:TOKI. This special edition, time-limited piece is significant to the brand line-up and serves as a reminiscence of our beginnings.

Priced at USD1,738 (JPY189,900) - the Kurono Anniversary 朱鷺:Toki will be time-limited for exactly ten (10) minutes from the time of launch on 21st May 2021 23:00:00 JST

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KURONO is an initiative to create high-quality, Japan-made luxury timepieces designed by independent Japanese watchmaker Hajime Asaoka and aims to deliver to watch collectors a more accessible timepiece that shares the design DNA of Hajime's exclusive handmade atelier watches, at affordable levels.


The Hajime DNA

The production of KURONO is managed by Precision Watch Tokyo Co., Ltd - the same parent company as the more prestigious handmade Hajime Asaoka atelier. 

Precision Watch Tokyo has brought together the same case and dial makers that supply to one of the most prestigious of Japanese watch brands, to deliver a high-quality product that is both accessible yet exclusive in number.

The dial and caseback - signed Bunkyō Tokyo - refers to the special ward in Tokyo where Hajime's design studio is located, providing a subtle correlation to the genius and motivations of the watchmaker. 

KURONOBUNKYŌ TOKYOは、スイス独立時計師アカデミー(AHCI)所属の独立時計師・浅岡肇が設立した海外向け時計ブランド。BUNKYŌはアトリエのある東京都文京区に由来。浅岡肇がデザインを手掛け、浅岡が代表を務める東京時計精密株式会社が製造しています。KURONOBUNKYŌ TOKYOは「浅岡肇のプライベートウォッチ」がコンセプトであり、1950年代~1960年代のスイス高級腕時計が有する「実用計器の美」を原点とし、腕時計の理想形を追求したものです。細部の特徴として挙げられるのが、先端のカーブした針、ボンベ文字盤、30ミリ台のケースです。日本人である浅岡肇のデザイン、日本製ムーブメント、日本国内の組み立て・検品により作られる時計は、「日本」という一貫したストーリーで、海外の高級時計に挑戦しています。



Widely recognized as one of the world's top-ranked independent watchmakers, Hajime Asaoka started his watchmaking journey in 1997, throwing in his unique perspective of refinement and modernity and establishing a watchmaking philosophy that is distinctively Japanese.

Today, owning an original Hajime Asaoka handmade watch is a privilege in itself - irregardless of the long waiting lists and lead times, and the fact that much of his collection gets sold out within months of introduction. If you are interested in handmade atelier watches by Hajime Asaoka, prices start from US$50,000.

2021年現在、世界で31人しかいないスイス独立時計師アカデミー(AHCI)正会員の一人。日本で初めて、歴史ある複雑機構「トゥールビヨン」を自社製ムーブメントに搭載した腕時計を発表。浅岡肇が独立時計師として、デザインから、ほぼ全ての部品製造、組み立て、仕上げまで手掛ける「Hajime Asaoka TOKYO JAPAN」の時計は、年間製造本数は10本前後、顧客には王室や世界的なコレクターが名を連ねています。



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An Interview with Hajime Asaoka




The print edition of the Celebrating Collectors 2020 photobook for charity is sold out.
However, the downloadable PDF version of the book is free for viewing and download.