Extract From Archives | アーカイブからの来歴情報提供

Kurono keeps detailed records of every watch we create. We will make available the provenance information of a Kurono watch should an owner request for it. Every owner is entitled to one (1) complimentary extract during his/her ownership lifetime.

Each provenance extract will contain:

● Watch model

● Watch case number

● Color of dial

● Year of manufacture

● Watch movement

● Date of sale

(Due to our national law we cannot provide names of the owners, but we will state which country the watch was delivered to)

The Kurono Provenance Extract does not certify authenticity nor is it a statement of warranty. It does not replace the warranty card. The document is solely meant to provide information from our ledgers for better enjoyment of the watch by future generations. This service is complimentary and without charge (for one (1) instance per owner), and will be launched in September 2020. The extract will be in Japanese language primarily, with English translations secondarily.

Extracts in digital formats will be provided free Printed extracts will incur print and postage charges.

Please email your request to provenance@kuronotokyo.com from September 2020, with the following information*:

● A high-resolution photo of the front of your watch

● A high-resolution photo of the back of your watch

● A photograph of your warranty card (if any)

● Your full name, contact and shipping details

*this service will start September 2020; all requests prior to this date will get a null reply. As this is a complimentary service, please do not expect immediate responses and allow for extended processing time.



● 時計のモデル名

● 時計のケースナンバー

● 文字盤の色

● 製造年

● 時計のムーブメント

● 販売日


クロノの来歴情報(Kurono Provenance Extract)は、真正性を証明するものでも、保証するものでもありません。保証書の代わりとしてはお使いいただけません。この書類は、将来の世代が時計をさらに楽しむために、台帳からの情報を提供することのみを目的としています。このサービスは無料(各所有者1回ずつ)で、2020年9月より開始となります。来歴情報は日本語で記述され、英語の翻訳が付きます。



● 時計の前面の高解像度写真

● 時計の裏面の高解像度写真

● 保証書の写真(お持ちの場合)

● ご氏名、ご連絡先、出荷時の情報